Swedish westcoast line

Swedish westcoast line

3 Day Cruise Göteborg-Strömstad or Strömstad-Göteborg


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Svenska Västkustlinjen – Swedish West Coast Line is the small company that delivers the greatest experiences.

When I first set eyes on M/S Svea af Smögen, or M/S Svea af Bohuslän as she is now called, she was for sale. This was in 2009 and I had a dream to resurrect scheduled boat traffic between Gothenburg and Strömstad. My dream became reality when we bought our third boat, M/S Nya Skärgården in 2015. For the first time in over 50 years it is possible to enjoy our fantastic coastline from the sea again. More and more people have discovered this exiting 3-day cruise run by our company, Svenska Västkustlinjen. It is now our most popular and bestselling boat trip.

To travel in our old boats is an experience on its own. There is a soul in them that is difficult to describe, and must be experienced. To be able to work in this fantastic environment is a privilege. It is my dream that everybody will be able to share my wonderful Bohuslän, to hear and feel what it was like to live and work here for the stone masons and fishermen during their ups and downs. We will bring their stories to life for you during our 3-day cruise and other cruises.

I also look forward to welcoming you all to our new destination, New Älvsborg Fortress. As of spring 2017 we are responsible for this amazing fortress just outside Gothenburg. New Älvsborg Fortress, is Destination Gothenburg's most visited attraction. It is situated in the estuary of Göta Älv. We strive to make New Älvsborg Fortress as assessable to as many visitors as possible. It is just as exciting to experience as our 3-day cruise.

Welcome on board and ashore!


Dick Andreasson,
Founder of Svenska Västkustlinjen