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Booking and information:
Tel: +46 (0)31-101015  (
Non opening hours: +46 (0)31-3139214)
Email: info@vastkustlinjen.se

Press inquiries:
Anna Demert, 

Email: press@vastkustlinjen.se, tel: +46 (0)70-2932002

Shipping Manager: Viktor Ellerström

Marketing & Sales: Michael Jilleskog 

Food & Beverage: Helena Onsjö

Security: Kristian Stryhn

Travel: Dick Andreasson

Economy: Kristina Borg

Bus transfer: Paul Ränk


Post Address:
Kulturbåtarna AB
c/o SOIC, Pir 4
SE-417 64 Göteborg

Org.Nr: 556790-5368

Visiting Address:
Pier 4, Eriksberg


Dick Andreasson is the charismatic man behind it all. For many years he ran a bus company and enjoyed the satisfaction of giving his customers new and exciting experiences on their trips round Europe and Sweden. The name of the company was Brännö Buss. He never did a bus trip to Brännö island, but several boat trips with a charted ship. His boat trip “In the waters of Lasse Dahlqvist ” was for many years a Swedish favourite.
In 2009, Dick bought his first boat, “Svea af Bohuslän”. The plan was to continue with great boat trips in Bohuslän. After a time, the boat trips came to dominate the company and today we only use the busses to transport guest to our boats.
All our boats are old and full of charm. They have all undergone extensive renovation to give modern comfort and safety. We set great weight in give the best of both worlds to our guests. Today we have three boats and our motto is Sail through the whole of Bohuslän, but never Borås. (Borås is in Bohuslän but not on the coast!)

The company today

Today we run three boats along the West Coast of Sweden. We work with many hotels, activity companies and restaurants to give our guests the full flavour of what this wonderful coastline can offer.
Together we are helping more and more visitors to discover and explore Bohuslän. The reputation is spreading, both in Sweden and abroad. 
We look forward to welcoming you to one of the most beautiful places in the world!


Travelling with us you are covered by Swedish law and we follow all regulations as stipulated. We are signed up to Kammarkollegiet’s travel guarantee. 
With this you can sail with us in the reassurance that your travel is fully protected.
As a member of Skärgårdsredarna we have signed up to keep a high standard of quality and service in our business. 

Environmental policy

We pledge to reach all up to date environmental improvements according to our internal environmental policy. We aim to inform our guests of the environmental aspects of our company. We will integrate environmental aspects and sustainability in all our businesses.
We are following all laws and naval regulations. All food served will be thoughtfully sourced based on organic and locally produced when possible. 
Producers that adhere to our policy will be prioritised.
Energy efficient alternatives will be sourced when renewing contracts and green power will be used if possible. We run our boat in the most environmentally friendly way as possible to minimise the impact on marine life. All refuse will be minimised and carefully disposed of.  

Travel conditions

We, the company, retain the right to cancel trips and make alterations to both destinations and timetable. At force majeure, i. e. things outside our control, such as weather, strikes, lockouts or technical mishaps at bridges, locks and harbours, no refunds will be given. The passengers are advised to make sure proper travel insurance is purchased before travelling. No refund will be given if guest fail to arrive on time for bus or boat departure.

Cancellation policy

To take part of our cancellation policy click here.

Significant dates:

2009: The company is founded and we buy our first ship, M/S Svea af Bohuslän.

2010: Our first trip along the Bohuslän coastline.

2014: The company purchase its second ship, Västvåg af Karlstad and rename it Ellen af Bohuslän. Finally, we can do justice to our proud name, Kulturbåtarna.

2015: The company changed name from Kulturbåtarna to Svenska Västkustlinjen. The registered company name is also changed, from Göteborg & Bohusläns Rederi AB to Kulturbåtarna AB. In 2015 we also bought the beautiful boat M/S Nya Skärgården.

2017: As of spring 2017 we are responsible for the amazing fortress just outside Gothenburg, Nya Älvsborgs fästning (New Älvsborg Fortress). The fortress is Destination Gothenburg's most visited attraction, situated in the estuary of Göta Älv. We are proud to be part of this historic corner of Sweden.


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